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A Glass Tile Pendant is a Necklace to Cherish

Introducing Schnitzels — Professional Printed Photos Under Glass Tile Pendants

Betty and Stephanie, the mother/daughter team that represents the graphic arts team that puts together the sensational Glass Tile Pendants is happy to announce the opening of their new shop. The Schnitzel Shop sounded like a perfect name for their new adventure. No, they are not selling food such as viel cutlet. One of the German translations of “Schnitzel” means a chip or scrap. The Glass Pendant Necklaces that they are creating are made of exquisite little pieces of paper adhered to brilliant little glass chips. As they make the little glass tile gems they trim away small pieces of paper creating what they know as “Schnitzels”.

Their Glass Tile Pendants are made with imported Japanese papers which give the necklaces depth as you view them through the brilliant, rounded edged glass chips. Each necklace has a silver plated bail attached to it which hangs from a chain. They also carry necklaces with printed, whimsical designs on them to suit every occasion.

Please take a look around their new shop and see what suits your fancy. I’m sure you will find a Glass Tile Pendant Necklace that will fit your personality.